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Launch of ActivHeal AquaFiber® wound dressing

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UK launch of ActivHeal AquaFiber® wound dressing offers further savings for the NHS

Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc (AIM: AMS), the global medical technology company, today announces the UK launch ofActivHeal AquaFiber®, a new advanced woundcare dressing that can deliver significant cost and care benefits to the NHS. The product will be unveiled today at the Wounds UK 2007 Woundcare Conference in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

ActivHeal AquaFiber® is a soft, conformable and highly absorbent dressing. In contact with wound exudate, the product forms a soft, clear gel providing an ideal moist wound environment that supports the wound healing process. Indicated for moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds, ActivHeal AquaFiber® also controls minor bleeding in superficial wounds.

The ActivHeal® range of products is designed and manufactured by AMS to combine cost savings with technological innovation with the objective of offering the NHS a cost-effective alternative to branded woundcare products.

ActivHeal AquaFiber® competes in a segment of the advanced woundcare market on which it is estimated that the NHS currently spends £15 million each year. The ActivHeal AquaFiber® dressing has been listed in the Drug Tariff and is available for prescribing by NHS Trusts at an average price 30% lower than the equivalent branded dressing, thus offering a significant immediate saving on NHS woundcare budgets.

In a poster presented at the Harrogate conference, ActivHeal AquaFiber® was shown to be equivalent or better to a significantly more expensive leading brand on all five performance characteristics tested including absorbency, speed of absorbency, dry strength, wet strength and lateral wicking – all key attributes of a moist wound healing dressing.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Dr. Don Evans, Chief Executive of AMS, stated:

The addition of the new ActivHeal AquaFiber® product to ourActivHeal® range is another major step in providing advanced woundcare products to the NHS that allow hospital and Primary Care Trusts to achieve substantial savings without compromising patient care.