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World leading wound care and wound closure range showcased at Arab Health 2009

in OEM And Development

Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS) – a UK based developer and manufacturer of world-leading advanced wound care and wound closure products – will be exhibiting its technology portfolio for the first time at Arab Health 2009.

ArabhealthAMS provides a full range of innovative, advanced wound care dressings that includes alginates, foams, hydrocolloids, hydrogels and films and also new anti-microbial silver technology dressings (effective against MRSA and VRE). These products are sold into hospital, nursing home and community care markets. The main indications are for chronic wounds such as ulcers and pressure sores.  AMS can provide local companies a range of cost-effective private labelled advanced wound care dressings packaged to individual customer specifications and regulatory requirements.

AMS will also be displaying and promoting its market leading, cyanoacrylate based, wound closure and sealant technologies including the new LiquiBand® Optima skin adhesive product. LiquiBand® Optima is a pre-assembled skin adhesive device that can be used straight from the pack. The unique winged actuator provides an easy ‘click-and-use’ functionality and precision control. LiquiBand® Optima enables the emergency room clinician to perform quicker, safer and more precise wound closure that helps achieve excellent cosmetic results. The Octyl-Blend cyanoacrylate technology, used within LiquiBand® Optima, allows the product to be stored at ambient temperature. The recent addition of LiquiBand® Optima ensures that AMS stays at the forefront of skin adhesive innovation

Dr. Nick Frampton, Vice President European and Rest of World Business Development explains,

“As a company we are eager to expand into the Middle Eastern markets and we are looking to showcasing our innovative range of wound care and wound closure products at Arab Health. We have a unique and exciting range of products, which have the potential to transform wound closure procedures worldwide. We look forward to meeting with prospective partners or distributors to replicate in the Middle East, the same success that we have enjoyed in the USA and Europe.”

Arab Health 2009, the largest healthcare event in the Middle East, will take place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26to 29 January.

During the exhibition AMS will be located on standFP15.


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