Our Business Model

We are primarily involved in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of novel, high performance materials for use in advanced woundcare products and surgical dressings as well as medical adhesives and sutures for closing and sealing wounds. We distribute our products to the global device market by selling to healthcare companies and distributors as well as selling directly into the hospital and dental markets in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and to the NHS in the U.K.

We operate through two Business Units: Surgical Business and Woundcare Business, which are each responsible for their respective sales, marketing and R&D activities and focus on a strategic route to market. The Business Units are supported by Operations, Regulatory and Quality, HR, Finance, Legal and IT which are Group functions. There are harmonised policies, processes and procedures, across the Group.

This business structure provides clarity on accountability and responsibility and clear lines for decision making that supports the growth of the Group.