The Woundcare Business Unit is responsible for supporting our business-to-business partners and third party convertors with a multiproduct portfolio that is globally competitive and comprises our intellectual property, technology and know-how. It is responsible for directing R&D for our advanced woundcare products and focuses on the distribution, marketing and innovation of products supplied to our medical device partners under their brands.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a full design, development, manufacture and distribution service supported by regulatory, clinical and marketing professionals. We partner with many of the world’s leading healthcare companies for the supply of their finished packed products.

Our advanced wound care platform technologies include alginates, foams, fibres, collagens, hydrogels and hydrocolloids. We are also able to add antimicrobials, such as silver and PHMB, to our platform technologies.  We are able to support our partners to access new markets through our regulatory expertise.

This Business Unit is responsible for the R&D activities for our advanced wound care product range and associated technologies.

This Business Unit is also responsible for the supply of Bulk Materials to third party converters and partners with their own converting capability. We are working to develop new formulations of foams and expand opportunities for Bulk Materials through new products and new markets.


In 2019, ActivHeal® was incorporated into the Woundcare division. ActivHeal® is our brand of advanced wound care dressings sold into the NHS in the U.K.. In all other markets we work with distributors to support sales. This brand provides a range of high quality ‘good value’ advanced woundcare dressings that deliver cost savings to the NHS without compromising clinical outcomes or patient care. The ActivHeal® range is supported by a dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals and by online education modules that provide training on the use of ActivHeal® for the treatment of wounds.