The RESORBA® portfolio contains a comprehensive range of sutures and collagen based products for the surgical and dental markets.


Our RESORBA® suture range includes both absorbable and non-absorbable suture combinations, which also combine a large number of suture materials, needle shapes, needle sizes and thread lengths.  These options allow us to provide tailored solutions for most surgical specialities or individual physician preferences.


Our RESORBA® collagens are designed to aid tissue repair and regeneration for the effective healing of surgical wounds. Our collagen products are available in various configurations to meet surgical needs.

Our collagen products provide a scaffold for new cells, as well as acting as a haemostat.

We also supply some collagen products with antibiotics that help prevent infection.

Our collagen products are available in a variety of formats, tailored to the different types of procedures, including:

  • collagen sponges
  • collagen sponges with the antibiotic Gentamycin
  • film sheets of collagen
  • collagen membranes
  • collagen cones and fleece for dental applications

Wound Closure

Dental Surgery

Our RESORBA® dental portfolio has been developed to support  the best possible functional and aesthetic results in dental surgery. We supply an extensive programme of suture products for dental surgery and a wide range of high-quality collagens for bone preservation and bone augmentation. Our very pure collagen products are an ideal starting material to support successful oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and implantology.





resorba-cellThe RESORBA® CELL range of haemostats is used in surgical and minimal invasive procedures to support haemostasis in capillary, venous and minor diffuse arterial bleeding.







resorba-collagens_3Our KOLLAGEN resorb™ product is a soft, stable collagen sponge for local haemostasis. Our collagen is equine-derived and very pure with the highest of safety profiles. KOLLAGEN resorb™ can be used in almost all surgical disciplines for local haemotasis in capillary and organ bleeds, seeping haemorrhages and as a supportive measure for other methods of haemostasis.