Our Services

Our resources and specialist knowledge ensure a unique position.  We offer a comprehensive integrated service of design, development and manufacturing of innovative and technologically advanced products.

We work closely with clinicians and key opinion leaders to ensure our products meet the needs of both patients and our partners.

Through our expertise, continuous development programmes and ongoing clinical interactions, we are very competitive within the surgical, wound care and wound closure markets.




Research & Development (R&D)

We continue to invest in R&D to develop our next generation of products.

We have dedicated Development and Technical Support teams that take opportunities from innovation through to market. We operate a stage-gated New Product Development (NPD) process; mitigating technical risks during the process thus providing our partners with a concise and up-to-date view of progression in development.

With a comprehensive level of in-house support, including a microbiological testing laboratory, we cover a range of standard and tailored medical device testing, together with method development, for prospective and existing products.

Additionally, we have a wide-ranging physical testing capability to support current and new product development.

We have the ability to manufacture rapid prototype samples on pilot-scale lines prior to full-scale manufacture that enables our partners to reliably assess prototypes with experts prior to a launch.

We have a dedicated in-house innovations department that works closely with our marketing department, and partners, to address future market needs.   This ensures our partners have access to the latest technologies and range of products to maintain their market competitiveness.


Intellectual Property

Our unique innovations have produced a wide range of intellectual property rights held across our group companies. We hold a number of high quality product and process/utility patents across the globe, in addition to unpublished intellectual property rights, for our broad based product range. Our portfolio includes intellectual property rights for wound care, surgical and wound closure products and applications.

Through our group-wide R&D initiatives, we continue to develop novel products and processes and consequently our portfolio of high quality intellectual property rights continues to expand. The beneficial value of these intellectual property rights may also reflect on the market positioning of customers, providing a competitive edge or premium status.

We also hold a large portfolio of registered and unregistered trademarks and copyrights.



We continue to invest in state-of-the-art facilities and leading-edge equipment across all six manufacturing sites.  We continue to strive for operational improvements by reducing set-up times, eliminating non-value added activities and increasing outputs.

Our commitment to developing our workforce to excel in lean manufacturing techniques is driving continuous improvement across all aspects of our manufacturing processes. Our employees work in a safe, highly productive and quality-focused environment, with measurable safety regimes implemented at all sites.



We work together with our partner’s marketing departments to pinpoint positioning opportunities and assist in identifying target markets and trends. We also draw on our direct contacts in the market such as clinicians, patients and key opinion leaders.

Our marketing department works closely with R&D from the innovation stage all the way through to delivering products to our partners. Our Product Managers have a strong technical understanding, which enables them to convert our core competencies into opportunities for our partners.

We continue to expand our library of clinical evaluations and evidence, which support the claims of our products and instills confidence for our partners ahead of launch. This body of information is supported by our close links to the UK’s National Health Service clinicians. Our marketing teams work closely with our Clinical team of nurses who are able to provide educational support to our partner’s Sales team at the launch of the product and on an ongoing basis.

We have developed strong collaborations with many globally-recognised universities that excel in the area of wound care and wound closure. These collaborations deliver clinical evidence of product claims, new areas for development and innovation of new test methods, enabling our partners to continually reinvigorate existing product ranges.


We offer a broad spectrum of professional support services:

  • Artwork design and creation
  • Supply of sample packaging, pouch materials, carton and cases
  • Clinical and Product Education, including training tutorials
  • Prototype creation and testing, including microbiological testing
  • Clinical Research
  • Scientific data
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Full turnkey projects from idea to launch