What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the bodies of mammals and is the substance that holds the whole body together.  It is found in the skin, bones and connective tissue, providing structure, support and strength.

When processed for use as a dressing or medical device, collagen has several useful properties.  It is highly biocompatible, non-toxic, pH stable, absorbable, does not cause an immune reaction and is incorporated into new tissue when it degrades in the body.

Our collagen products are very pure, have a very high safety profile and are equine derived.

How does Collagen work?

The body is able to regenerate lost or damaged tissue and collagen products help to support and stimulate this process.  Collagen is absorbable, in that it can be broken down and assimilated by the body.  In wound healing, collagen attracts new cells to the wound site, providing a platform for the growth of new tissue.

Collagen is a very effective haemostat, triggering a platelet activation which starts the natural clotting process.  Collagen is also extremely absorbent and can absorb up to 30 times its own volume in fluid.  This mechanical action allows absorption of both blood products to aid haemostasis as well as debris such as bacteria and fibrin deposits.  The collagen fibrin matrix formed acts as a scaffold for fibroblast growth.  Wound healing is also stimulated as a result of the immune response from its degradation.

What is Collagen used for?

Our collagen products are used both as haemostats and to provide a scaffold for new cells.  They can also be supplied with antibiotic content that helps to prevent infection.  Our products are approved for use as:

  • haemostats
  • wound dressings
  • wound tamponade and fillers
  • matrices for tissue repair
  • adhesive barriers
  • temporary membranes
  • carriers for biomaterials
  • guided tissue regeneration (dental)

We provide many collagen products for dental surgery.  Collagen membranes have been used in periodontal and implant therapy to promote the growth of specific types of cells.  In oral surgery, barriers can be used to prevent fast growing cells migrating to the wound where a tooth has been extracted, preserving space for bone and tissue regeneration prior to dental implantation.  Our PARASORB® product range, including PARASORB RESODONT® and PARASORB RESODONT® Forte have such applications.

We also manufacture PARASORB Sombrero® which is a combination of a collagen barrier membrane and a collagen cone.  This product helps to preserve bone and soft tissue volumes after a tooth extraction, preventing bone loss and easing further dental restoration of lost teeth.

Other products in our dental range include PARASORB® Cone and PARASORB® Fleece, which are used for haemostasis and stabilisation of the defect area in oral surgery.