What are Hydrocolloids?

Hydrocolloids are a type of dressing containing gel-forming agents, such as cellulose, that are combined with elastomers and adhesives, and applied to a carrier, usually a foam or film, to form an absorbent, self adhesive, waterproof dressing.

We blend water soluble polymers (generally a Carboxymethylcellulose with pectin) together with gum rubber and then we extrude it into a sheet or into a roll.

Our dressings are backed with either a film or foam.  Our film-backed hydrocolloid dressings have a two layer construction composed of an absorbent hydrocolloid matrix laminated to a breathable polyurethane film backing. Our foam-backed hydrocolloid dressings have a three-layer construction composed of an absorbent hydrocolloid matrix backed by a dual layer of polyurethane foam laminated to a polyurethane film backing.  The dressings are waterproof and impermeable to bacteria.

Our hydrocolloid technology is proven to be clinically effective when treating clean, granulating, sloughy or necrotic wounds with low to moderate exudate.

How do Hydrocolloid dressings work?

Exudate from the wound is absorbed into the hydrocolloid dressing and the cellulose matrix forms a gel.  This maintains a moist, but not wet environment, at the wound surface, providing the optimum conditions for wound healing.  Hydrocolloids provide gentle debridement of the wound, aid autolysis and are easy to remove when used appropriately.