What are Hydrogels?

Hydrogels are materials that are composed of a network of polymer chains that are hydrophilic and can hold high levels of water.

We blend hydrophilic biopolymers with water and a humectant and mix them until they are homogeneous. Our hydrogels are excellent platforms for the addition of antimicrobials and these can be added to the bulk gel during the mixing phase.  The resultant gel is pumped directly into tubes via a closed loop system to prevent bioburden contamination. The filled tubes are immediately sterilised by autoclaving on-site.  Our hydrogel is available in a range of tube sizes to suit end user needs.

Our hydrogels have a high water content that gently donates moisture to dry necrotic wounds to encourage healing through autolytic debridement.  They come in easy to use aseptic delivery tubes and the dispensed gel has the optimum viscosity and necessary cohesion properties to ensure it will remain on the wound site throughout wound treatment.

How Do Hydrogels Work?

Hydrogels work by donating water to a wound surface.  They debride the wound by rehydration, promotion of autolysis and de-sloughing of the necrotic or sloughy wound bed.  They are designed to be used underneath a secondary occlusive dressing.

What Types of Wounds are Hydrogels Suitable for?

Hydrogels are suitable for necrotic and sloughy wounds with little exudate.

Mode of Action

Hydrogels assist wound healing by:-

  • provides excellent fluid donation
  • aids autolytic debridement
  • rehydrates dry necrotic wounds
  • provides a moist wound environment
  • encourages growth and migration of epithelial cells