Our RESORBA® brands include both sutures and collagens for surgical applications in hospital, ambulatory and private practice settings, as well as dental applications.

Wound Closure

RESORBA® Sutures

resorba-sutures-2Our RESORBA® suture range includes both absorbable and non-absorbable suture combinations with a variety of needle shapes and sizes, and different thread materials and lengths.

Dental Surgery

resorba-dentalOur RESORBA® dental portfolio has been developed to support  the best possible functional and aesthetic results in dental surgery. We supply an extensive programme of suture products for dental surgery and a wide range of high-quality collagens for bone preservation and bone augmentation. Our very pure collagen products are an ideal starting material to support successful oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and implantology.



resorba-cellThe RESORBA® CELL range of haemostats is used in surgical and minimal invasive procedures to support haemostasis in capillary, venous and minor diffuse arterial bleeding.



resorba-collagens_3Our KOLLAGEN resorb™ product is a soft, stable collagen sponge for local haemostasis. Our collagen is equine-derived and very pure with the highest of safety profiles. KOLLAGEN resorb™ can be used in almost all surgical disciplines for local haemotasis in capillary and organ bleeds, seeping haemorrhages and as a supportive measure for other methods of haemostasis.