We have a strong Research & Development (R&D) capability across the Group ensuring that our product ranges incorporate innovations at the forefront of technology.

We have dedicated in-house R&D departments that align with the business units and work closely with our marketing departments and partners to identify future market needs.   This ensures we are responsive to the need for the latest technologies to allow our partners to gain or maintain market competitiveness.

With a comprehensive level of in-house support including a microbiological testing laboratory, we can undertake a range of standard and tailored medical device testing, and wide-ranging physical testing to support current products and new product developments.


We have particular skills in developing products utilising our fibre technology and co-spinning processes.  We are able to control the chemical and physical properties of our fibre products through our manufacturing process to produce materials with unique specifications.  We are able to control the calcium and sodium content, absorbency, gelling ability, fibre strength and diameter and the surface structure.

Additionally, we are able to incorporate antimicrobials, such as silver, into our fibres.

Our next generation of fibre dressings are designed to:

  • have increased absorbency
  • have increased wet strength
  • have even greater fluid handling capabilities
  • include antimicrobials – silver and other antimicrobials

Foam Dressings

We have foam development teams at both our sites in the Netherlands and Winsford who manage projects and opportunities from innovation concept, through to market.  Our foam range has a unique ability to absorb high levels of exudate and includes both antimicrobial and atraumatic foam variants.  We continue to strengthen our converting capability enabling us to provide new, innovative products for both the NHS and our partners.


We are engaged in continuous development and improvement of our collagen products to ensure they meet the changing and demanding needs of modern surgery.  We have recently enhanced our collagen cone in response to market demand and we work closely with clinical professionals and our partners to ensure we meet the collagen based needs of any new procedures.  We are also able to provide collagens that include antibiotics.


Our haemostatic technology continues to improve and our innovations include incorporating antibiotics in our collagens for applications in surgical procedures.

Tissue Adhesives

We continue to develop our range of medical grade tissue adhesives through innovations in: (i) formulation of the adhesive to offer a product with properties that suit a range of medical settings and demands; (ii) the applicators with differing configurations providing ease of use for the particular procedure; and (iii) tips with a variety of capabilities suited to a broad spectrum of medical procedures from emergency room to a variety of surgical procedures.  Our close liaison with the medical community allows us to respond quickly to the ever increasing and changing demands of medical professionals in the field of wound closure and surgical procedures.

The development of our hernia mesh fixation LiquiBand® Fix8™ device has allowed us to expand our technology for internal use.  The success of this product is a gateway to the use of our tissue adhesives in other internal surgical procedures as our R&D department continues to evaluate the use of our tissue adhesives for other internal surgeries.

Case Study

Hernia Mesh Fixation E.U. Expansion


LiquiBand® Fix8™ was developed to enable a controlled delivery of an exact amount of adhesive where it is needed and to prevent unintentional dripping. Each click of the trigger sets 0.0125g of adhesive free. Altogether there are 33 ‘stamp-like’ drops. The property of the instrument tip material allows direct, non traumatic contact with mesh and underlying tissue when applying the glue without immediate polymerisation and obstruction of the tip. The simple instrument handling allows for a precise application, up to 105˚ angle. With a high viscosity of glue and an easy to use applicator, even a surgeon in his early learning curve can fix the hernia mesh fast and safely with LiquiBand® Fix8™.