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Traditional Topical Skin Adhesives


The LiquiBand® family of traditional topical skin adhesives provides safe, secure, and effective wound closure with innovative products designed to meet clinician and patient needs. As the only manufacturer of both octyl, butyl and blended cyanoacrylates, our unique range of adhesives offers versatility for use in a variety of settings globally, including operating suites, emergency departments and outpatient clinics.

The LiquiBand® family of products is designed to meet clinician and patient needs in any setting.

Our portfolio of premium topical skin adhesives features our signature winged applicator to enable safe and easy priming and a variety of tip designs to meet individual preferences for glue expression.

For price-sensitive markets, we offer a selection of simplified applicator designs that help save on costs without compromising the effectiveness of the adhesive.

No matter where they are used, LiquiBand® traditional topical skin adhesives offer the same great patient benefits, including providing non-invasive wound closure and an effective microbial barrier against a wide variety of organisms.

Each of our LiquiBand® products can be primed using the same simple, three-step process, providing a user-friendly experience in any setting.

Octyls and Octyl Blends:

For surgical wound closure, our octyl and octyl-blend cyanoacrylate adhesives offer increased speed of closure, excellent cosmesis and an effective alternative to sutures and staples.


LiquiBand® Exceed™, LiquiBand® Exceed™ XS, LiquiBand® Rapid™, LiquiBand® FLEX™, LiquiBand® Octyl

Butyls and Butyl Blends:

For trauma-induced lacerations or wound closure in emergency departments, our butyl and butyl-blend cyanoacrylate adhesives provide minimal patient discomfort and expedited dry times to get patients out of hospitals faster.


LiquiBand® Optima, LiquiBand® Surgical S, LiquiBand® Flow Control, LiquiBand® Standard

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive portfolio

Portfolio offers both moisture-driven and accelerated technologies

Variety of tip designs offers clinicians options for both precision and broad application

Signature winged applicator for safe and easy priming

Low-cost non-winged applicator available in certain markets

All products have the same user-friendly 3-step application process


All products provide water-resistant microbial barriers that allow patients to shower1

LiquiBand® adhesives are non-invasive and offer cosmesis without track marks, unlike sutures or staples

Commercial advantage

Only manufacturer of octyls, butyls and proprietary blends

CE marked and FDA cleared products

All products manufactured in the UK

Full portfolio of products for all healthcare settings and budgets including:

  • Emergency departments
  • Operating theatres
  • Clinics
  • Private offices

Indications For Use

LiquiBand® topical skin adhesives are only intended for topical applications to hold closed easily-approximated skin edges from surgical incisions, including punctures from minimally invasive surgery and simple, thoroughly-cleansed trauma-induced lacerations.

LiquiBand® topical skin adhesives may be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, deep dermal stitches.

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1. Patients may shower with physician approval. Refer to product Instructions for Use for full product information and warnings.

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