Environmental & Social Governance

Governance of ESG

Strong governance and integrity.

We have a culture based on the principles of Care, Fair, Dare, where our people take accountability and responsibility and like our approach to ESG, do the right thing.

ESG Governance

ESG touches all areas and levels of business. It is built into our Board structures and our robust governance framework is bolstered by Committees, groups of employees involved in a wide variety of activities and employees themselves, who feel empowered to instigate and drive improvement. Engagement is required at every level to achieve our goals.

  • The Board, supported by the Company Secretary, has overall oversight of progress on ESG progress and implementation of activities to make us more sustainable.
  • Further support on a day-to-day basis is provided by a sub-Committee (ESG Steering Committee) to ensure key ESG activities and policies are communicated and implemented.
  • The ESG Committee reports to the Board and includes a nominated Director (Eddie Johnson – CFO) and the Company Secretary to ensure proactive management. The Committee drives business and sustainability objectives and meets at least four times annually.
  • Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of led by ESG Champions, who leads on and facilitates our ESG agenda across AMS.
  • We also have a dedicated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee focused on ensuring that EDI issues are managed across the Group and drive EDI awareness, with activities such as Unconscious Bias Training and promoting key dates in the calendar such as International Women’s Day, Pride Month and Black Pride Month.

ESG Governance Framework and Integration


We provide multiple ways for colleagues to share ideas and report concerns, including an anonymous whistleblowing hotline, an ‘Ask the SMT’ Portal which all employees can access, an email address for direct communication to the Chair and Deputy Chair of the ESG Steering Committee and site and Group-wide Employee Consultative Group forums to challenge management which can impact how things are done. In addition we have an annual Employee Engagement Survey which includes the ability to make comments.

Bribery and corruption

We ensure a zero tolerance of bribery and corruption anywhere in our value chain. We audit suppliers and run regular compliance training for all employees, which is also included as part of the induction training.


Protection of data, that of our employees, customers and system infrastructure we use, is critical We are certified by Cyber Essentials and carry out regular penetration testing. We regularly communicate with employees to raise awareness of issues and threats, and to increase engagement.