Infection Control

Moisture Wicking Fabric with Tri-Go™

CE Marked & Available in FDA territories


Moisture Wicking Fabric with Tri-Go™ is a soft, conformable, antimicrobial fabric designed to help manage the conditions associated with intertrigo.

Available in selected territories, reach out to our team to find out more.

Reduces moisture

Captures and transports moisture away from the skin

Reduces bacteria

Polyester acts as a lubrication aid for skin-on-skin friction

Reduces odour

Device reduces colonisation of bacteria and yeasts within the fabric

Moisture Wicking Fabric

Moisture Wicking Fabric with Tri-Go™ is a stretch polyester fibre impregnated with antimicrobial metallic silver and is a non-sterile skin protectant. The device fabric is designed to provide moisture transportation to keep skin dry, while the antimicrobial silver within the fabric reduces odour.

Key Features and Benefits

Fabric is a skin protectant

Polyester acts as a lubrication aid for skin-on-skin friction

Device provides moisture transportation

Enables the skin to be kept dry by creating a pathway to remove sweat from the body

Antimicrobial silver within the dressing prevents odour

Enables the reduction and colonisation of bacteria and yeast such as Staphiococus Aureus, Staphiococus Epidermidis, Pseudo Aeruginosa and Candida Albicans1

Can remain in situ for up to 5 days

The dressing also conforms to anatomical contours and can be cut to size depending on patient requirements

Device can be made available without prescription

Indications For Use

Moisture Wicking Fabric with Silver (Ag) is indicated for use in the management of skin folds and other skin-on-skin contact areas.

Possible areas of use include:

  • Neck
  • Under breast
  • Between fingers
  • Abdomen
  • Groin
  • Axilla
  • Back
  • Between toes
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Infection Control
Silver Alginates

Silver Alginates

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