Gender Pay Gap Report

We continue to increase our focus on equality, underpinned by developing a diverse team with an inclusive culture where different characteristics and backgrounds come together in pursuit of our vision and mission.

The key data from this year’s Gender Pay Gap report (UK) are a median pay gap of 20.6% and a mean pay gap of 36.3%. While our median pay gap has fallen, there are historical factors driving increases in our mean pay gap. These figures are based on pay information from April 2022.

Whilst the results of this Gender Pay Gap Report are not in line with our expectations as a business, our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (Altogether AMS) are committed to driving improvements in gender equality. We know that we still have too few women in our most senior positions and we are committed to recruit and bring women through our organisation into our most senior positions.

We continue to target having at least one woman on every recruitment shortlist and increasingly have gender mixed interview panels. We review all recruitment advertisements to filter out unconscious bias and have rolled out training to all employees on unconscious bias.

We celebrated International Women’s Day in 2023 with a range of activities across AMS and we intend to use this day annually moving forward to showcase improvements we have made as a business on gender equality.

Ultimately, reducing our gender pay gap and changing our gender imbalance will not be immediate but we believe that initiatives we have are planning to implement will result in sustainable change over the long term.