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LIQUIBANDFIX8® atraumatic fixation devices affix mesh and tissue with liquid anchors, designed to eliminate the need for penetrating mechanical tacks, sutures, or staples. LIQUIBANDFIX8® devices deliver a precise and controlled application of adhesive, designed for patient safety and comfort while reducing the risk of some post-operative complications.


LIQUIBANDFIX8® Laparo is designed for laparoscopic hernia surgery and features a 355mm cannula allowing for the precise and controlled delivery of 40+ liquid anchors. The preassembled device offers users an innovative, atraumatic applicator tip and simple, easy priming.


LIQUIBANDFIX8® Open was developed for open hernia surgery. Its ergonomic design allows for the precise placement of at least 45 liquid anchors. The innovative, atraumatic dual-tip can be used for both strong mesh fixation and topical wound closure.

Intraoperative Benefits

LIQUIBANDFIX8® atraumatic fixation devices provide strong and secure mesh fixation even in sensitive areas like the Triangle of Pain, Triangle of Doom, and around the hernia defect. In addition to mesh fixation LIQUIBANDFIX8® can also be used to close the peritoneum with no mechanical trauma. Compared to an absorbable tacker device, LIQUIBANDFIX8® devices demonstrate higher lap shear strength, minimising the chances of mesh displacement or relocation after fixation.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Clinical data1 shows that LIQUIBANDFIX8® devices offer the following patient benefits:

Improvement in pain from baseline to 6-months post-hernia repair

Lower risk of complications such as hematomas or seromas

Allows for mesh fixation over areas considered too sensitive for mechanical fixation, such as nerves or blood vessels.

Key Features and Benefits

Product performance

Higher shear strength than an advanced tacker
  • Minimising the risk of mesh migration after fixation
≤ 10 second fixation time
  • Managing overall surgical procedure times
Non tissue penetrating mesh fixation
  • Leading to lower chances of nerve, blood vessel, and tissue damage

Revolutionary design and control

Non-stick, atraumatic tip design
  • Allows fixation at multiple angles
Pre-assembled device
  • Designed for simple and easy handling
Precise and controlled application of 40+ 12.5mg liquid anchors
  • Avoids tissue adhesive wastage

Indications For Use

LIQUIBANDFIX8® hernia mesh fixation devices are intended for use in laparoscopic and open surgical repair of inguinal and ventral incisional hernias, achieved through the fixation of prosthetic mesh to the abdominal wall and for the approximation of the peritoneum.

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1. Refer to NCT04009213

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