Environmental & Social Governance

ESG Framework

Focused on delivering sustainable environmental, financial and social value, responsibly.

Our ESG Framework is built around our Mission:

To develop

To make a real difference

To add value

Underpinned by our Care, Fair Dare values, our pursuit of developing, making a real difference and sustainably adding value is outlined and reported in by our 4 P’s (Planet People, Product and Policy), which are in turn aligned with specific SDGs, our ESG Principles, stakeholders, commitments and metrics. Our 4 P’s are interdependent and our Framework provides a structure to measure and report on our progress and assess performance.

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Our Principles are to Minimise any negative impact on the environment and uphold the highest standards of corporate responsibility.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Communities and Environment, Supply Chain, Investors

  • Minimise negative environmental impact, combat climate change
  • Manage energy use more efficiently and increase renewable and sustainable resources
  • Reduce waste, protect water, improve recycling, re-use materials
  • Expand scope of ISO Certification
  • Promote Environmental Pledge Scheme
  • Pathway to reduce emissions, scope 3 plan
  • CO2e emissions per £k sales (KG)
  • Gas usage, water, electricity (total, by person)
  • Waste (landfill)
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Principles are to have a positive impact on the local communities in which we operate and provide our employees a safe, supportive working environment with a positive culture.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Patients, Partners, Clinicians, Employees

  • Attract, retain and develop our talent to support future growth
  • Support employees on health, safety and all forms of wellbeing, including Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and mental wellness app
  • Provide financial support for employees’ charity work, chosen charities and community volunteering
  • Charitable donations
  • YOY Health & Safety score
  • Employee Engagement score
  • Training and development spend
  • Participation in Employee Share Plan
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Principles are to operate in an ethical and responsible manner and contribute to society by developing products to improve patient outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Regulators, Supply Chain

  • Uphold ethical standards across our value chain
  • Work with patients, partners and clinicians to identify unmet needs
  • Improve transition of early stage R&D, reduce waste
  • Manufacture products focused on quality, customer safety, welfare
  • Transition to recyclable packaging, apply regulations and certification
  • Number of new products released per year
  • % new products released with recyclable packaging
  • Product safety rates in market
  • % suppliers signed up to Supplier Charter
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Principles are to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance and build and develop an ESG reporting framework with meaningful targets.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Investors, Partners, Employees

  • Uphold external standards to protect human rights
  • Zero tolerance towards bribery, corruption and fraud
  • Robust data governance and compliance
  • Ensure equal pay regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability
  • Enrol in UN Global Compact, embed Ten Principles across business
  • Reported cases of bribery, corruption or fraud
  • Whistleblowing reports
UN Sustainable Development Goals

“We are proud of the progress we have made but recognise there’s more to do. We are committed to creating building stakeholder confidence, which is achieved through our stakeholder-driven Framework. by taking action on issues that are important to them and meeting standards that demonstrate these commitments in action.”

- Chris Meredith, Chief Executive Officer