Advanced Medical Solutions

Adhesives & Sealants

Advanced Medical Solutions manufactures a comprehensive range of adhesives and sealants to meet a variety of needs in the clinical environment. Our products are used to prevent infections, secure internal structures and create protective barriers against gastrointestinal leaks.

The AMS range of adhesives and sealants are designed to be atraumatic, meaning they can be applied with minimal discomfort to the patient. The products are used in hospitals, clinics and healthcare settings worldwide, helping to improve patient outcomes and reduce the overall cost of medical care.

Internal Adhesives

LIQUIBANDFIX8® internal adhesives are designed for use in both laparo and open surgeries to affix hernia mesh to tissues. The adhesive polymerises in less than 10 seconds and is a safe and effective alternative to penetrative tackers, minimising the risk of postoperative complications.

Surgical Sealants

Seal-G® Gastrointestinal Surgical Sealants are a novel alginate-based technology designed to reinforce and protect anastomoses during surgery. Alginate, a widely utilised marine biopolymer, enables the sealant to form a durable and flexible layer that is absorbed over time, helping to reduce the risk of fluid and air leakage post-operatively.

Topical Skin Adhesives

The LiquiBand® family of cyanoacrylate-based topical skin adhesives are designed for safe, strong wound closure in any healthcare setting. Designed to meet both patient and provider needs, we offer a variety of water-resistant, microbial barrier-forming adhesives with options to suit individual needs, including sting-free, fast-drying and flexible formulations.

Large Incision Adhesives

LiquiBand® XL is a non-invasive skin closure system that provides secure and effective closure for large and high-tension incisions. Featuring a combination of liquid adhesive and mesh patches, LiquiBand® XL offers a user-friendly and safe alternative to sutures or staples with many benefits, including providing a microbial barrier and fast dry times.

Microbial Sealants

Designed to reduce the risk of surgical site infections by preventing migration of bacteria, INTEGUSEAL® Microbial Sealant is an innovative companion to traditional surgical skin preparation. Our cyanoacrylate-based surgical sealant immobilises pathogens on the skin prior to incision, providing an extra layer of protection against contamination from the skin's natural flora during surgery.