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Silver Alginates

CE Marked & Available in FDA territories


A range of strong antimicrobial silver dressing designed to address the problem of infection in critically colonised wounds.

Silver alginate dressings are a type of wound dressing that combines the properties of alginate and silver to facilitate wound healing. Their ability to dress hard to treat wounds mean they are an essential part of your woundcare arsenal.

Silver Alginate dressings are an excellent choice of primary dressing due to their excellent:

  • Absorbency
  • Soft gelling properties
  • De-sloughing and debridement capabilities

AMS has pioneered the design and development of silver alginate dressings for over 20 years.

We blend our alginate fibres with CMC to create a strong yet highly absorbent product; with three different silver technologies available in global markets.

We manufacture alginate dressings in sheets or pads, rope or ribbons for cavity wounds, as well as roll stock.

How do Alginate Dressings Work?

The moist wound environment facilitated by alginates promotes debridement of devitalised tissue, thereby assisting in wound bed preparation. The alginate fibres form a gel when in contact with exudate and help to support the control of minor bleeding.

How do Silver Alginate Dressings Work?

Silver ions is a highly reactive moiety and avidly binds to tissue proteins causing structural changes in the bacterial cell walls and intracellular membranes. These lead to cellular distortion and loss of viability. Silver binds to and denatures bacterial DNA and RNA, thereby inhibiting replication. Silver exerts its action in one of two ways: on contact with wound exudate, silver ions are released into the wound bed and kill the bacteria at the wound bed, or exudate is absorbed into the dressing where the silver kills the bacteria within the dressing3.

Silver Alginates is available both as OEM and under our ActivHeal brand. To find out more about the ActivHeal Aquafiber® Ag range, download resources and view performance data, visit

Product range

Silver IV

Enhanced performance from a next generation silver alginate dressing. Newest dressing with strongest performance.

Silver II

Trusted ability to manage infection. Provides sustained broad spectrum antimicrobial performance for up to 14 days2.

Provides a haemostatic action against minor bleeding. Available with a reinforced version (US Only).

Silver Non-Adherent

Sterile, non woven made from proven gelling technologies; Calcium Alginate and CMC. Uniquely bonded to a non-adherent film which enables a clean and intact removal from the wound.

Silver nylon thread embedded throughout the fibre provides effective action against a broad spectrum of microbes.

Key Features and Benefits

High gelling & absorbency properties

Able to be used in highly exuding wounds and maintain a moist wound healing environment

Broad spectrum antimicrobial action

Provides fast and effective action against a wide range of pathogens known to delay wound healing1,2

Moist wound healing

Creates an optimal moist wound environment, which is conducive to faster and more effective healing

Maintains a moist environment that supports cell migration, angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels), and the natural wound healing process

Autolytic debridement support

Aids autolytic debridement, which is the natural process of removing dead or necrotic tissue from a wound

Promotes autolytic debridement by facilitating the action of endogenous enzymes that break down and remove non-viable tissue

Helps with the removal of slough or eschar, promoting a cleaner wound bed and enhancing the healing process

By supporting autolytic debridement, silver alginate dressings can contribute to the overall management of chronic or non-healing wounds

Easy removal

Designed to be non-adherent, for easy removal from the wound without causing further trauma or pain

Helps minimize damage to the newly formed tissue during removal

All products contain a strong ribbon

To enable easy application into cavity wounds and one-piece removal, even when wet

Haemostatic properties

(Not Silver Fiber NA)

Haemostatic properties help to control bleeding, contributing to wound stabilization

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