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Silver High Performance Dressing

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Our Silver High Performance Dressing featuring patent-protected construction is a highly absorbent, high-gelling dressing containing CMC and Silver. The antimicrobial silver provides broad spectrum efficacy against a wide range of pathogens known to slow wound healing.

Silver High Performance Dressing is a newly developed disruptive technology, combining a proven gelling fibre technology and a powerful silver antimicrobial to deliver:

  • Fast-acting active ingredient
  • Rapid speed of kill - works within 1 hour1
  • Broad Spectrum 4-log reduction within 4 hours1
  • Sustained over 7 days1

Physical Performance

A physical chassis that outperforms the competition using a unique quilting technology.2

  • 27% more absorbency*
  • 49% stronger*

*than the market leader

Silver High Performance Dressing

Our Silver High Performance Dressing is both high-gelling and highly absorbent utilising a combination of CMC and Silver to provide fast and sustained protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast and mould.

Exceptional absorbency

The AMS Silver High Performance Dressing provides greater absorbency and can hold more exudate.

Intact removal

A hidden integrity layer gives strength and security to the dressing even when gelled. This allows for one-piece removal from the wound bed minimising disruption and patient discomfort at dressing changes.

Key Features and Benefits

Exceptional absorbency3

Can be used on highly exuding wounds while maintaining a moist wound healing environment

Hidden integrity layer

Facilitates fewer dressing changes compared to competitor dressings

Patented quilting pattern

Adds strength5 and security by enabling clean and easy one-piece removal minimising disruption and patient discomfort at dressing changes

Rapid silver antimicrobial technology1

Inhibits growth of pathogens known to delay wound healing within the dressing. Shown to start acting within an hour

Based on CMC technology

Creates a soft cohesive gel to maintain a moist wound environment

Indications For Use

It can be used in the management of moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds:

  • Pressure ulcers (partial and full thickness)
  • Surgical wounds that heal by primary intent such as dermatological and surgical incisions
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Surgical wounds left to heal by secondary intention such as dehisced surgical incisions and donor sites
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Leg ulcers (venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers and leg ulcers of mixed aetiology)
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