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Designed to provide durable reinforcement and protect gastrointestinal anastomoses, SEAL-G® Surgical Sealants provide powerful, durable and easy-to-deliver protection against fluid and air leaks. Innovative alginate technology offers natural peace of mind to patients and clinicians.

An anastomotic leak can be devastating for patients and require complex management. Long-term consequences can be significantly disruptive to the patient, impacting their quality of life, working ability and relationships.

Management of leaks by clinicians requires additional surgical and non-surgical intervention and extended periods of hospital and community care, leading to significant additional expenditure. This burden negatively impacts clinicians who will do everything they can to avoid anastomotic leakage.

SEAL-G® Gastrointestinal Surgical Sealants are a novel alginate-based technology uniquely designed for reinforcing and protecting anastomoses. Mechanical reinforcement with SEAL-G® could reduce the frequency and impact of leakage.

Alginate as a solution

Developed from naturally-derived Alginate, a safe and well-understood marine polymer used in a range of advanced biomedical applications

Quickly and easily delivered with optimised application systems for every anastomosis

Unique alginate adherence mechanism enables strong and flexible anastomotic sealing by penetrating the tissue microstructure

Support and protection delivered to the patient is demonstrated by SEM imaging of sealant-tissue interface in porcine pre-clinical model

SEAL-G® Delivery Systems


Designed for minimally invasive surgery, the 40cm cannula with flexible element enables reinforcement of harder-to-access anatomy. The clog-resistant spray tip supports ease of use and high-quality applications.


Designed for open surgery, the simple syringe applicator is familiar to clinicians for easy reinforcement of accessible anatomy. The atraumatic delivery tip ensures consistent sealant application.

Key Features and Benefits

Natural patient protection

Durable support during the critical post-operative period

Resorbable with no toxic degradation by-products

Free of human or animal components avoids inflammatory response

Product attributes

4ml sealant volume in each device

  • Ideal for full anastomosis coverage

60 seconds to cure

  • Enables rapid intraoperative reinforcement

Blue visual aid

  • Supports high application quality

Room temperature storage and fast preparation

  • Provides ease of use for the whole OR team

Indications For Use

SEAL-G® and SEAL-G® MIST System Surgical Sealants are intended for use as an adjunct to standard closure techniques for reinforcement and protection of gastrointestinal anastomoses.

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