Advanced Medical Solutions


Biosurgicals is the fastest growing segment of the AMS surgical business unit. The Biosurgicals division features a diverse portfolio covering wound healing, cardiovascular, orthopaedics and dental segments.

The AMS Biosurgicals range delivers clinically proven products with unmatched economic value, allowing surgical teams the freedom to innovate and think creatively in the operating room without restraint.


Our surgical collagens are designed to enhance tissue repair and regeneration in the management of surgical wounds. We offer collagen devices for the surgical and dental markets, including products with antibiotic protection.


Oxidised cellulose is used for surgery and minimally invasive procedures to support haemostasis. Our RESORBA® CELL range is available in four different formats to meet varying needs.

Bone Substitutes

Our synthetic bone substitutes are specially formulated bioactive matrices for filling and reconstructing bone defects. The range is available in various shapes and sizes and is a safe alternative to autograft and allograft. Our bone graft substitutes are designed to gradually resorb and be replaced by natural bone during the healing process.

Resorbable Fixation Systems

Our Interference Screw is a safe and widely used implant designed to provide fixation and secure osteointegration of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) during reconstruction by interfacing between the ligament/graft and bone tunnel walls and facilitating controlled resorption and bone formation.