LiquiBandFIX8® US commercialisation agreement
September 18, 2023

AMS signs agreement with TELA Bio, Inc. to commercialise LiquiBandFix8® in the US under the brand name LIQUIFIX™


US launch of LIQUIFIX™ at American Hernia Society Annual Meeting on 21 September


Winsford, UK: Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc (AIM: AMS), the world-leading specialist in tissue-healing technologies, today announces that it has signed an agreement to commercialise LiquiBandFix8® in the US with TELA Bio, Inc. (“TELA Bio”), a specialist medical technology designer and developer of innovative soft-tissue reconstruction solutions that optimise clinical outcomes, (NASDAQ: TELA).


Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, TELA Bio has an established and fast-growing footprint in the US market with products that focus on addressing the shortcomings of existing reinforcement materials in hernia repair, abdominal wall reconstruction and plastic reconstructive surgery. To service its growing product portfolio, TELA Bio has projected that its salesforce is expected to reach 75-80 representatives by the end of 2023. TELA Bio generated revenues of $41.4 million ( 41%) in 2022 and $26.4 million ( 42%) in H1 2023, with full year 2023 guidance of $60-65 million.


The signing of this agreement concludes a comprehensive selection process involving a number of potential partners with a broad range of strengths and marketing strategies. The outcome of this process made it clear that TELA Bio brings the right combination of strengths and attributes, with a vision and ambition that is closely aligned with and complements AMS’ strategy and aspirations.


LiquiBandFix8®/LIQUIFIX™ is already marketed in Europe and other non-US territories and delivered strong growth in these markets in 2021, 2022 and 2023 year to date. AMS’ experience in commercialising the product in these markets has emphasised the importance of using specialist sales operations. TELA Bio is an ideal partner for LiquiBandFix8®/LIQUIFIX™ in the US with its hernia repair specialism, its focus on education and training, and its commitment to improving patient outcomes through new technologies that address the shortcomings of existing devices.


In June 2023, LiquiBandFix8®/LIQUIFIX™ was granted Pre-Market Approval (PMA) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its use in hernia repair surgery. The device uses drops of cyanoacrylate adhesive instead of sharp tacks to fix mesh to tissue inside the body during open and laparoscopic hernia surgery. It is the first product of its kind to be approved in the US and will benefit patients as the less invasive application is expected to reduce pain and other post-operative complications.


Chris Meredith, Chief Executive Officer of AMS, commented: “TELA Bio’s rapidly growing sales presence in the US hernia repair market and its focus on new technologies complement AMS’ strengths and aspirations to improve quality outcomes for patients and value for payers, making it the perfect partner to launch and commercialise LIQUIFIX™ in the US. The launch of LIQUIFIX™ is a significant milestone and commercial opportunity for AMS and we are very pleased to be working with a US partner that shares our vision and commitment to the benefits that the product can provide. In this respect we believe that both companies are strongly aligned and we look forward to a long and successful partnership together, starting with the preparations for the launch in Q4 of this year.”


Antony Koblish, Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of TELA Bio, commented: “LIQUIFIX™ has already gained significant adoption in Europe and is demonstrating a clear benefit to patients while providing novel fixation and tacking alternatives for surgeons. We believe this technology is well aligned with our commercial strategy to deliver innovative and effective solutions for soft-tissue repair and reconstruction. We look forward to working closely with the AMS team to commercialise the product across the US market.“


Internal Adhesives

LIQUIBANDFIX8® internal adhesives are designed for use in both laparo and open surgeries to affix hernia mesh to tissues. The adhesive polymerises in less than 10 seconds and is a safe and effective alternative to penetrative tackers, minimising the risk of postoperative complications.

Internal Adhesives

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