The LiquiBand® range of products has been developed to provide innovative solutions to close wounds and minimise adverse surgical outcomes. Our products have been uniquely designed to meet the needs of clinicians and patients for safe, secure and effective wound closure.

Our LiquiBand® technologies are developed and marketed for use in the emergency room, operating theatres and extended care environments. Through our expertise in cyanoacrylate technology we have developed a range of medical grade adhesive devices that meet specific clinical needs and deliver substantial benefits to patients.

Our adhesive products are based on two main formulations; octyl and butyl. Octyl cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesives provide durable and flexible wound closure, whilst butyl cyanoacrylate adhesives provide high strength with a fast setting time.  We are able to supply products based on each formulation as well as blends of both.

LiquiBand® Topical Skin Adhesives

Wound closure using LiquiBand® topical skins adhesives provides the patient with an enhanced experience over conventional wound closure methods.  Cyanoacrylate skin adhesives allow non traumatic closure of wounds and do not require removal as they will naturally slough off the skin as part of the natural wound healing process.  Cyanoacrylate skin adhesives can provide a water resistant and microbial barrier adding an extra level of security to the closed wound and eliminating the need for secondary dressings.

The LiquiBand® family of topical skin adhesive products are provided in a range of different applicators to meet a variety of surgical needs and preferences. These include various configurations of adhesive volume, applicator design and the addition of wings to assist in device activation. The applicators also incorporate different tip designs such as a foam dome to provide broad application or a thin cannula shaped tip to provide controlled and precise adhesive placement in a more enclosed application.


LiquiBand® Fix8™

Our innovative LiquiBand® Fix8™ is a safe and effective device that secures implantable mesh to underlying tissues for laparoscopic hernia repair.  LiquiBand® Fix8™ is easy to use and allows precise and controlled application of the fast-setting internal use adhesive.

The cyanoacrylate adhesive anchors provide non traumatic fixation of the hernia mesh, avoiding the need for the metal or synthetic tackers used in traditional hernia repair procedures.  The risk of common post-operative complications caused by standard tackers is greatly reduced, and a higher level of patient comfort is reported.