The Branded Business Unit is focused on driving sales, innovation and distribution for our brands globally. Our direct sales teams drive our LiquiBand® and RESORBA® brands in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic.

This Business Unit is responsible for the R&D activities of sutures, collagens, medical adhesives and sealants.


The LiquiBand® range of products has been developed to provide innovative solutions to close wounds and minimise adverse surgical outcomes. Our products have been uniquely designed to meet the needs of clinicians and patients for safe, secure and effective wound closure.

Our LiquiBand® technologies are developed and marketed for use in the emergency room, operating theatres and extended care environments. Through our expertise in cyanoacrylate technology we have developed a range of medical grade adhesive devices that meet specific clinical needs and deliver substantial benefits to patients.

Our LiquiBand® Fix8™ device is a safe and effective device that secures implantable mesh to underlying tissues for laparoscopic hernia repair.


Our RESORBA® branded products portfolio comprises of a comprehensive range of sutures which are used to close wounds and a range of bio-surgical products that can be used as haemostats and scaffolds for tissue growth.

Our suture range is extensive and includes both absorbable and nonabsorbable sutures, with mono and multifilament threads, and a wide range of needle shapes and sizes. It includes several brands such as CAPROLON®, GLYCOLON®, MOPYLEN® and RESOPREN® that are sold into hospitals, private practices and to oral surgeons.

Our range of RESORBA® biosurgical products includes COLLAGENresorb, Resodura® and GENTA-COLL®. The latter is a very pure collagen that includes the antibiotic gentamicin for use in sites where there is a high risk of infection. Combining the suture and collagen technologies, RESORBA® has developed products and brands that are particularly applicable to the oral surgery market, e.g. PARASORB® Sombrero® is a collagen cone used for dental surgery.