We have developed the LiquiBand® range of Topical Skin Adhesives to meet the needs of clinicians and patients providing safe, secure and effective wound closure and sealing.

LiquiBand® Topical Tissue Adhesives

liquiband-ande-rangeThe LiquiBand® range of topical skin adhesives are based on cyanoacrylate technology. We have a range of formulations and applicators that provide durable and flexible wound closure as well as high strength and fast setting time.

Our range of formulas and different applicators means that we are able to meet clinicians needs providing safe, secure and effective wound closure and sealing.

LiquiBand® Fix8™ – Hernia Mesh Fixation Device


LiquiBand® Fix8™ is a hernia mesh fixation device that allows for the accurate laparoscopic internal application of our LiquiBand® cyanoacrylate adhesive to attach hernia meshes.  The use of this device will help to reduce the potential pain associated with the use of tackers and staples.