We developed our ActivHeal® range of products to provide an affordable and clinically effective range of advanced wound care products for the NHS, that are supported by a clinical educational programme.

ActivHeal Aquafiber®


ActivHeal Aquafiber® is a soft, comfortable, highly-absorbant dressing with a reinforcing layer hidden within the dressing construction.

ActivHeal® Foam


ActivHeal® foam dressings maintain a moist wound environment ideal for wound healing whilst absorbing excess exudate to prevent peri-wound maceration.

ActivHeal® Alginate


ActivHeal® Alginate is a sodium calcium dressing indicated for the treatment of heavily exuding wounds as a primary dressing.

ActivHeal® Hydrogel


ActivHeal® Hydrogel is an effective method for hydrating dry necrotic and sloughy wounds.

ActivHeal® Hydrocolloid


ActivHeal® Hydrocolloid is an ideal wound dressing for the treatment of light to moderately exuding wounds.

ActivHeal® offers Healthcare Professionals a simple, clear and cost-effective wound care range whilst ensuring excellent clinical outcomes for their patients.

User Friendly

Colour coded packaging.

Save up to 40%

Compared to leading brands.

University Approved

Clinical Education Programme

Used and Trusted

By UK Nurses