Making AMS a great place to work

Our Vision is to create a world where the outcome of every patient can benefit from our products and a company where every employee feels invested and valued. We embed our vision via our Cultural Values.

Our cultural values


  • Respects colleagues, encourages and values all contributions.
  • Focuses on the bigger picture.
  • Open minded and takes appropriate action.


  • Takes accountability and responsibility.
  • Transparent and open in our communications and actions.
  • Acts as a team player to deliver outcomes.


  • Demonstraits determination & persistance.
  • Uses critical thinking and creativity to find solutions.
  • Finds value added improvements.

Advanced Flex

We recognise that to deliver for our employees, we have developed Advanced Flex which helps to outline what support we have available in four key areas:

Where we work?

When we work?

How we work?

What health and wellbeing support we have available?

As we have employees in a diverse number of functions in numerous different countries with different governing laws, Advanced Flex is adaptable and is summarised below:

Where we work?

Flexibility to work in the office or remotely to suit different jobs:

  • Site based
  • Hybrid roles
  • Mobile workers
  • Home workers
  • Hot desks

When we work?

Flexibility aligned to our job role. Examples could include:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible working policy
  • Career break policy
  • Authorised absence
  • Familiy friendly policy

How we work?

Flexibility to optimise the ways we work:

  • Embedding Car, Fair, Dare
  • Working with diverse teams
  • Environmentally friendly collaboration
  • Employee engagement
  • Meaningful face to face collaboration

Health and wellbeing support

  • Employee assistance helpline
  • Mental health first aiders
  • Social and charity committee
  • ESG committee
  • Employee communications grouds/works councils